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  • harmonizer h-1

    Harmonizer H-1

    The Harmonizer H-1 is designed to be use constantly and individually. This device has a cylindrical shape. Click on Harmonizer H-1 to read more.

  • harmonizer h2y

    Harmonizer H-2Y

    This device employs for wide spectrum of purpose and helping people to retrieve their health. Click on Harmonizer H-2Y to read more.

  • Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6

    Harmonizer H-6 similar to H-1 and H-2Y, but has 26 Blocks of Memory and use for large and mass application. Click on Harmonizer H-6 to read more.

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Milena, Physiotherapist

 I use the Harmonizer device - tube. It helped me to get rid of my medical problems and stop using pills in 3 months. My cholesterol and sugar level have been normalized. My toddler daughter used to catch colds and viruses very frequently. She was sick 24 weeks out of 52 previously to tube use. Now she holds the tube every night and sleeps with the tube under the pillow daily. She has had no cold or viruses in year and half period.

I am licensed clinician and have elderly patients. Some of them share their medical problems with me as well. My 93 years old male patient suffered from acute arthritis. His knees hurt so badly he barely walked. I recommended him to use the tube. He held the tube twice a day 30 minutes each time in the morning and in the evening attached to his knees. After third time he felt significant relief. After 2 weeks all the pain was gone. He could walk 10-15 minutes outside his building. After 6 weeks he could walk for 30 minutes daily at age 93. He reported the significant improvement of his mood. His depression was gone, he felt happy and energetic.

The other 62 years old patient with chronic depression and diabetes who was very sceptic about the tube implementation reported dramatic improvement of mental and physical health. The sugar level got normal. He felt energy, piece and had a good mood.

All users reported looking better and younger and it seemed so by their appearance.

I will continue to advice my patient using the tube. I see the MIRACULOUS improvement of health of all people.  

Svetlana, hairstylist

I have been a client of T*L Health Management Center for more than a year since it was opened in Houston. I very much like the technique which this center uses. When our bodies are stressed, they become unbalanced, do not work in right vibration, fall down, get littered, and illnesses are the result. Tibetan sorcerers in an antiquity have discovered laws of energy moving in a human body which depend upon the quality of the body’s synchronism. Any surplus or lack of energy in the system channels causes illnesses and chronic weariness.

After a year of using this technique and the information harmonizers, I feel much healthier than I have in the past 60 years. In fact, one year ago I had an anemia because I have had seven serious dentistry surgeries with implants along with general anesthesia. I am no longer anemic, my sleep has improved, and my sinus headaches are now gone. I have been using the information carrier plate (RIC), which was made for me in the center, and I apply it between my eyebrows. It helps not only with my sinuses, but makes my sight sharper.

My husband had problems with his feet. He started using the foot bath with the harmonizer H2Y. Before this treatment he could not walk or stand for long and his legs were in bad color and shape. They were covered by hemorrhages points and they looked violet. The doctors did not knowing the reasons for his condition. After using the harmonizer H2Y, the skin on legs is pure and he can walk easier. Very often I use this technique and these devices when I have a pain in any part of my body. I simply connect the device to foil and apply it to my body and pain is gone.

I am very grateful to the people who work in T*L Health Management Center because this technique has helped me to restore my health without any side effects.

Luba, “Montessori” school teacher

This year I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was assigned for chemo-and radio therapeutic treatment. Before I started this treatment, I learned of this center of alternative treatment. I set up an appointment. The practitioner of this center made scans on a computer confirming the diagnosis. She advised me to have treatment under the healing pyramid along with official chemotherapy and radio therapeutic treatment and to use harmonizer at home after each medical treatment. It has enabled me to pass a heavy rate of chemo and radio therapy rather easily with the minimal complications. I continue to support my health, using a technique of this center.

Lydia, the bank worker

I also visited this center from the date of its opening. I had great problems with the skin on my face. For many years I visited to doctors and underwent courses of treatment, but all were unsuccessful. Here in the center during computer scanning it was found, that I have gastro-intestinal problems, which caused my skin problems. Undergoing the procedure under a pyramid and using the plates on my body which have been made individually for my organism have been very helpful to me. I have used both of the devices, the H1 and the H2У. Whenever I have a bad headache, I placed the pendant-harmonizer in my mouth, and holding it there for some time, the headache goes away. The next time I had a problem with pain I put the pendant-harmonizer in my mouth and fell asleep, holding it in my mouth. Since it was on a chain and I could not swallow it unintentionally. In the morning I was surprised to find that my teeth were as white as they are after a hygienic cleaning. I use the H2Y Harmonizer every time when I take a shower. It very favorably influences my organism as well. One day my daughter came from school with a high temperature, and she was becoming ill. I made her bath with this harmonizer and after 30 minutes she has felt much better. Soon, her temperature has down to normal and the next day she returned to school. I am very glad that have learned about this center. I wish that as many as possible people could learn about and experience how effectively this method helps with the restoration of good health without medications poisoning our organism.

Solomonov A.D., the Professor, the doctor of medical sciences. Russia

I should mention that during last six years I have been very interested in the scientific explanation of a method of self-recovery and I have come to the conclusion that the basis of this method is the self-correction of vital programs which operate organs and systems in the human organism. The application of these technologies yields good results. I have confirmed this with many clients who have improved their health using this method as well as through my own experience. For over 30 years I suffered from an allergy to ambrosia pollen. Every year, from the end of August until November, I have suffered from the symptoms of this allergy. Over time, my condition worsened, and became a bronchial spasm. In December of 2010, I started regularly using the treatment of the Lutchevich Center. In 2011, I did not experience the usual allergy symptoms I had suffered from in the past. I was also able to stop using any medication. I still remain under the supervision of the main allergist of the region, professor and doctor of medical sciences Uchanova, and she is very impressed with my good health condition.

I have also seen examples in the substantial improvement of health of persons who used these technologies.

Romanenko, Vladimir, engineer, Russia

I was diagnosed with diabetes, as well as a diabetic foot, and I could not move without assistance. Doctors suggested amputating my feet. I needed up to 70 units of injected insulin daily. Using this innovation technology, within 12 months, my use of insulin injections has decreased up to 30 units and I have avoided the amputation of my feet. I am now back to normal and enjoy an active way of life.

Konopljankin, Anatoly. Scientist. Russia

I was diagnosed with adenoma of the prostate, urinary tract infection and insufficient kidney

function. In just six months, the adenoma of the prostate disappeared and my urinary tract and kidneys became normal. At this time, I am continuing to use the treatment and devices from this center.

Ponomaryova Galina, Russia

I was diagnosed with a 3 inch tumor of the uterus. In just six months the tumor had decreased to 0.2 inch in size. At this time, I continue using the harmonizer H-2Y constantly at home. This method of self-correction has helped me to avoid surgery and strong medication; it has been very effective for me and I recommend it as an alternative treatment for all who have problems.

Eliso, the professor, the doctor of sciences, the oncologist, Houston

As an expert working in oncology, I am interested using this technique and equipment in oncology practice. As I understand, that proposed method very effective on immune and neuro-regulatory systems; therefore the opportunity of their application in oncology is very high, especially after chemical-and radio therapeutic treatment. Unfortunately my visit to the Center was not long as I had a necessity to leave from Houston, but I shall familiarize in details with this technique. I think that it is technology of the future.

Adilya, the doctor the physiatrist, Houston

Recently I have got acquainted with very interesting method of regenerative medicine. The technique has been presented in center T&L Health Management Center by Tatyana Martin. The method is developed by the Stavropol professor and medical scientist. The presentation gives very clear representation about technical maintenance of a technique, its application in various aspects of restoration of a human body. As the doctor the physiatrist I have 10 years an operational experience and the given method has very much interested me. Development is interesting by the adjusting influence on organism as whole, the balanced influence on all organs and systems without damaging from outside interventions. Very much an important point of computer scanning of problem zones and their subsequent monitoring before and after the influence this specified technique, and also maintenance of an individual approach to the client. The method based on biophysical influence of natural factors on regulation mechanisms of a human body, on immune and neuro-regulatory systems, allows achieving desirable results using own resources of an organism. All manipulations are providing without stressful influence.

Tatyana, the owner of the Houston center

Yes, everything in these testimonials is the truth. I have used these techniques myself and I can tell you with the full confidence that this works. I received such charge of energy after a session under a pyramid with Harmonizer, that I felt like birds were singing and flowers were blossoming inside of me. This information (energy), that my body invoked, was recorded on the rigid carrier and was transferred inside me. It is very important to notice that this information is individual and is suited only to individual organism. For many years I had the strongest pain which started in my chest and spread further through the whole organism. It lasted about a month and a half, and then all pain gone, but it repeated annually. It was impossible to stand without pain pills. Unfortunately these pain pills have a lot of side effects, especially for my stomach. I went to doctor’s office, but they could not find reason for this pain. Since I have begun treating myself using Lutsevich method I am now free of this awful pain. Using this method, I treated my knee, and I improved my sight. I also treated any inflammatory processes and a toothache without visiting the doctor.